You can use this simple tool to quicky activate your XTZ without having to bring your private data out of cold storage.


Activate your wallet

To activate, simply complete the form below and the activation will take place. Please note it may take a few blocks to appear, but you can check it after at

Is this safe?

If you would like to activate your allocation, than this is a safe method. We do not need to know your private key to do so, we just use your public wallet address (or pkh/public key hash). This address starts with "tz1" and can be used within explorers to view your balance.

Can someone steal my XTZ?

The only way a user can obtain your XTZ is if they have access to your secret key, as well as the activation code. This tool won't leak your secret key (because you should never enter it here).

I can't see my XTZ on tzscan! HELP?

You need to wait for the activation operation to be included in a block, this could take a few minutes (usually) but may be longer if the network slows down.

Can I trust this tool?

I'm @stephenandrews, a community developer for Tezos, working with a number of well known tezos-related projects in development. I am also a board member of the Tezos Commons Foundation. All of my tools are safe and secure, and a lot of them power other tools too (e,g, eztz and tezbox).